The Iranian Disability Support Association(IDSA)is a voluntary organization, which provides support, information, advice and advocacy to Disabled Iranians and Persian speaking people of all ages, their carers and families.

Iranian Disability Support Association Constitution was amended at the second AGM on July 2006.

Of November 2006, Iranian Disability Support Association became a member of the Charity Commission.

Registered Charity no: 1116648

On October 2007, Iranian Disability Support Association has complied with the PQASSO quality assurance system.


We are the first organization in theUKto work with Iranian and Persian speaking disabled people, their carers, parents and guardians.

IDSA was formed following an informal discussion in June 2004 between a group of disabledIranians, parents and guardians of disabled families inLondonon their personal experience of lack of services on disability issues.

This discussion formed the foundation for extracting more information verbally within the Iranian community living in theUK, mainly inner and greaterLondonarea.  Within three months IDSA's interest grew to more people, and is still growing.

The lessons learnt in short experience have led us to divide the disabled people’s problem to two main categories:

- Unfamiliarity with the language and culture of theUK

- Unfamiliarity with rules and regulations

[The problem mentioned above could be helped by our translators and advisers as well as other related organization, not only to help this group with the language barriers but also the information provided to them may help them to be more independent and have less contact with the officials in different organisations in the UK.]

The community continues to seek advice from existing agencies that provide services to the Iranian community on matters such as Asylum seekers and other social activities. It was found that the Iranian community has been involved with other issues and disability has not been given the same attention. The mainstream Iranian community is not aware of the social model of disability and has not put disability as a priority. The IDSA set about seeking the support of businessmen and other high profile Iranians who have either direct or indirect experience of disability.

Based on figures from different Iranian groups there are over 200,000 Iranians and other Persian speaking people living in theUK. Half the Farsi speaking live in great London. 

Considering the history surrounding the migration of Persian speaking people in the UK, e.g. from war- torn communities, IDSA believe that a large number of the community are refugees and asylum seekers or new immigrants, some of them have lived through war zones and hostile environments suffering from depression, anxiety and stress. There is an average of 20% of their community with an impairment of some sort. This figure is higher with mental health impairments due to the long lasting effect of migration, such as shell shocks. Physical impairments are due to war wounds within the asylum seekers, birth defects etc. 

IDSA’s uniqueness will be to provide a service in accessible format to its community who are isolated due to the many barriers that they face in providing an understanding of their migrations cultures and needs.

The group was formally constituted in [October 2004] to work towards meeting the needs of this community in an organised and sustainable way.

What do we do?

IDSA aims to provide services which:

- Empower Iranian disabled users/survivors and enable informed choices

- Enable members to become more independent

- Enable members to become less isolated

- Address the social model of disability


- Enabling access to information, skills, training and services in accessible formats

- Providing support, advice and advocacy

- Making the most of the good rapport IDSA has established with other agencies that promote the social model and which can act as allies in delivering our mission statement

- Working in partnership with other Persian speaking organisations

- Working with mainstream agencies to access training opportunities for our members to be well informed of basic rights

- Promoting its services within our own community

- Offering opportunities for our members to be part of the movement by serving as volunteers

- Ensuring that our volunteers,[trustees and staff] receive adequate training to fulfil lDSA's mission statement andobjectives

Our Services

 We run a phone line operation and provide a drop in advice service providing accurate, realistic and
up-to-date information on all aspects of disability including welfare rights, benefits, and employment, housing, education, equipment, holiday and leisure activities.

To improve access to our services, we provide outreach at the clients home and community centres in the Greater and Inner areas ofLondon.

We also offer a signposting service.

Our services are FREE.

Please tell us your views about the services you get from the Iranian Disability Support Association.
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