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On 22 June 2004, Mr. Farid Ansari, with the generous help of others, established the Iranian Disability Support Association (IDSA). The goal of this association is to defend the civil and human rights of disabled Iranians living in both Britain and in Iran so that they can live better, more human and more independent lives.

In 2006, the IDSA became a registered with UK Charity Commission.

Since 2007, it has been an active member of the disabled and deaf people of the Great London authority.

In 2008, the PQASSO, whose task is to investigate the activities of organisations in the UK, affirmed that the IDSA has conducted its activities within this framework and, as a charity, is in a good position.

Since 2009, the IDSA has been an official member of the Happy Soul Festival.

IDSA is the first Iranian and Persian-speaking association to join over 200 NGO international organizations in order to establish an international union of disabled people.  The first conference of this union took place in Istanbul, from 4–6 March 2011. In year 2013 in the first general assembly Farid Ansari Dezfouli was elected as the head of supervision border and head of UN commission.

The main services of the IDSA are to:

1.    Provide advice and information in the following areas: welfare and legal opportunities, work, education, travel, transport, entertainment and governmental and non-governmental services for disabled and elderly people;

2.    Assist disabled people and elderly with completing welfare and other forms;

3.    Direct and guide service users to the offices they need;

4.   Organize women gathering ,mental health workshop and provide one-to-one therapy sessions;

5.  Host an annual Norouz (Iranian New Year) festival and other cultural, educational eventsand social activities;

6.    Make connections with other disability organisations based within Iran and provide them with assistance within our means;

7.    Assist seriously ill people who are coming from Iran to Britain for medical treatment;

8.    Publish, the monthly electronic journal Tavana

We are hoping that you will be willing to assist us in any way you can.


The IDSA Management Committee

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